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Class Descriptions New Windsor 

Beginner Classes:  In these group classes you will learn: Basic on leash obedience, sit,  down, stay, come, place on command and leave it when told. You must pass  the AKC CGC Test to move into Advanced Classes.    

Advanced Classes:  In these classes you will learn: All aspects of Heel, finish right and  left, Extended Sit & Downs, Sit & Down in motion, All with  increased distance and distractions leading to a more reliable level of  obedience.  

  Rally Classes:  Rally is a fun and exciting team sport for dogs and their handlers! Dog  and Handler teams navigate a course with numbered signs indicating  different exercises to perform . Teams navigate the course without  direction from the judge. We will be learning AKC as well as APDT rules  and signs and will compete 3 to 4 times a year. 

   Competition Classes:  Class is designed to get you ready for competition in AKC events.   

CGC/ CGCA / TDI Classes:  CGC/TDI Classes will be held prior to testing.These will be 4 week  classes designed to prepare you and your dog for the AKC Canine Good  Citizen Test and Therapy Dog International Test. We will hold tests  every 3-4 Months.Cost of Class will include testing fees.   

In Kennel Training available-_ 2 and 4 week programs