Although I have had dogs all of my life, and have actually done a little training myself, each time a new dog comes into our family, I immediately enroll them in doggie school.My dogs are usually rescues, and socialization with other dogs and people, I believe, is crucial. We recently adopted a 3-1/2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who was found as a stray at 6 months of age. She spent the last 3 years waiting for her forever home. Apparently when she was found, she had dog aggression issues, and was never allowed to socialize with the other dogs.  My previous dog was a Certified Therapy Dog, and we picked “Nicky” as she is extremely good with people. I wanted a training school that would address these issues, and also be able to prepare her for Therapy Dog certification. Suzanne Taurone definitely fits the bill. She does not believe in “One training method fits all!” With Suzanne’s obvious experience in dog training, she is able to size-up each dog, and then teaches the appropriate methods of training and corrections for each individual student. Suzanne teaches the dogs to behave because they want to rather than because they fear for their lives!! Brute force is not her style, and the end result really shows in the handler/dog relationship that she helps to create. We started out with private lessons using her extremely well-trained and stable personal dogs as training aids, and then quickly graduated to the beginners group classes. I am proud to say that Nicky is doing extremely well with both her obedience training and her behavior around the other dogs in class. It won’t be long before she is ready to join the advanced class, and I have no doubt she will be ready to take the next Therapy Dog Certification test. Suzanne’s dog training methods get results, while making the classes fun for both the handler and dog!      Annette& Niki  


Hello  Suzanne. Di and I have been looking for you since you left Petsmart. We  (the people and the dog) learned a great deal from your training  classes. We’ve met other trainers since then and honestly, they just  don’t compare to you. Today we have a sweet little dog for whom  obedience is second nature. People expect the toy breeds to be spoiled  brats, and Sweet Pea shows them that dogs aren’t born brats—they are  taught to be bratty. Thanks, Teach.I have hiked and backpacked all over  New York and Connecticut with Sweet Pea, and she lives for the days and  nights in the woods. It’s hilarious to see that 10.2-pound doglet tear  up the trail.  And she does it off-leash, fully responsive to my  instructions. Our latest family challenge:  Best wishes,Andrew, Di and Sweet Pea


This  is Biscuit at the Howl o ween party. Unfortunately Biscuit was kicked  out of the daycare he loved due to not listening! I was referred to  Suzanne for training. She teaches with such an obvious love for dogs and  is so patient with us humans! I am VERY uncoordinated with the clicker,  goodies, etc. and she has very good suggestions and modifications to  suit every need! I am a much better mommy due to her extra special  guidance! We can't wait to graduate to the advanced class!   

Suzanne  has been a great help in the basic obedience training of my  Catahoula.Suzanne also trains dog owners, which is a bigger challenge.   If I had only worked with Suzanne before I had a child, my son might be as well-behaved and obedient as my dog!  Susan D'Egidio  

I must say; you are awesome and have taken Salvatore’ and  

I to the next level! I admire your ability to identify  

and cater to the needs of each breed of dog  

along with their handler. I am so glad  

we found you and I would most certainly  

recommend your services and  

expertise to anyone!

Regards,Ginny Sandoval & Salvatore'  

         My  husband and I were looking for a dog training club where we could with  participate with serious trainers; my breeder recommended Suzanne  Taurone. We love the environment at Suzanne’s, she is serious about the  training but has fun activities as well to keep the interest high.  Having the classes multiple times per week is a bonus, our dogs are  excited when we drive up and want to jump into the ring and work.  Suzanne has experience to support those who plan to compete as well as  those whose goal is a ‘canine good citizen’. I have seen Suzanne  integrate problem dogs into the class slowly and with care, and I have  seen their progress as they become balanced members of our training  pack. It is amazing to see the after class play sessions with dogs of  all ages and breeds, both neutered and not, happily playing together.        Kathy & Guy Pepe (Gina & Marcus)            

  I Brought my English Shepherd Mix, Luke, to Suzanne when he was five  months old.I knew he was a sweetheart but he wasn't acting that way  around other dogs, and I knew it must be something I was doing wrong.  Suzanne went above and beyond to help me learn what Luke needed to be a  confident and happy dog. With continuing our  training our bond has grown stronger and what we learn in class has  been incredibly valuable in real life situations. I highly recommend  Suzanne for whatever issue you may be having with your dog!   Catina Guarneiri 


  Suzanne  is a great trainer --- There doesn’t seem to be any training or  behavior problem that she can’t help you work thru.  We highly recommend  her to anyone and everyone who asks about where they can take their dog  for good training.           Samantha  and I first met Suzanne when she was a Trainer at  PetSmart in 2008.   Samantha had a new Golden Puppy named Noelle she wanted to take for  training. Samantha was just 14 and this would be the first time had ever  trained a dog.  She had a great experience with Suzanne. Samantha  handled Noelle in classes from Beginner to Advanced Obedience at  PetSmart. After Suzanne left PetSmart we ran into her one day out  shopping.  She gave us her new business card.     Everything happens for a reason, because at the time my sister was  looking to take her dog back for more training (she had also trained her  dog as a puppy with Suzanne at PetSmart).  When she needed it I had  Suzanne’s new info to pass along to her.              Now  it’s my turn to work with Suzanne.  In June 2012 I got a Golden puppy I  named Sadie. Samantha told her as soon as we brought her home “you’re  going to Suzanne too you know!”  Although I had trained dogs before (my  last being my Abbey who I lost this year at almost 17) it had been  awhile, so when the time did come for Sadie to go to training there was  no question that she  and I would be going to work with Suzanne.  Sadie  started training in August and passed her Canine Good Citizen test at  the end of October at just at just 5 ½  months old.  “Sadie Lady” (as  Suzanne calls her) is working on Advanced Obedience classes and Rally  classes now.  She will also work towards taking her Therapy Dog test  when she turns a year old in May 2013.               Sadie  absolutely loves Suzanne…Gets so excited when she gets to class.   Noelle hasn’t forgotten her experience with Suzanne either – Samantha  brought her to class one afternoon with Sadie and the minute she heard  Suzanne’s voice again her tail was wagging like crazy and she ran and  sat next to Suzanne just waiting for her to pet her!  Amazing!             Kathy and Samantha Trappe          Wallkill, NY  


Lily and I met Suzanne Taurone when she was teaching puppy classes about 4 years ago when Lily was a puppy. It  was not until just recently that I had to locate her again for issues  my Lily was having with aggression… About 2 years ago my lily was  mishandled while getting a bath at the vet… since then her aggressions  were getting more and more out of hand. I was totally beside myself. As I  said it was not until this summer that I located Suzanne and asked for  her help and assistance. She immediately wanted to see Lily to try and  pinpoint what the issues could be… We met for 2 or 3 private lessons  wherein she helped me with Lily and to top it off she helped me with  me.. I had to learn to relax when we met other dogs and people. When we  first met she immediately saw the stress on me , she gave me advice that  helped me immensely.  After 3 one on one visits with her, she told me  that Miss Lily-Lu was ready for group beginners class…Since the summer,  Lily and I have come so far and are doing so well with her training with  Suzanne, this past October 28, 2012 My Lily took her AKC Good Citizen  Test and her Therapy Dog Test and past both with flying colors…(NEVER  THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY)  It is now December 2012 and Lily and I are   now in advanced training with Suzanne now and we will going into Rally  classes beginning in January2013..  To tell the truth I never thought  in my wildest dreams that Lily and I would have gotten to this point… I  totally love going training with Lily..  There are not enough thanks I  can give Suzanne for all she has done for me and Lily..Suzanne’s  training is for both the owner and the dog and  is therapeutic to both..  I would highly recommend Suzanne Taurone hands down.. she is FABULOUS….  If you are thinking about training.. give her a call… you will not  regret it…       J. Woodruff  

After doing plenty of research we knew that our dog, a 10 week old Cane Corso needed training. We were approached by a fellow dog lover and was informed of Suzanne. Unfortunately our dog was a little older than the  others in the beginners class, but this didn't matter with Suzanne, if she says its doable, then it's doable!!  Our dog had gone to training prior to for about 2 weeks. That training was in no way comparable to the training our dog received from Suzanne.    Suzanne is an absolute dog lover and 100% dedicated to our four legged companions.. If you think there is no hope, don't give up, you must contact Suzanne...  The transformation from uncontrollable to manageable is so worth it.... We bring our dog everywhere because we can. Watching Suzanne with her own dogs at training is amazing. You watch in awe, and see what great training allows you and your dog to achieve.    Suzanne is hands down the best trainer....  We would like to thank Suzanne for her time, attention, dedication, concern, and love that she has given our baby girl Empress!!!  

Karen Wrey     Suzanne Taurone is one of the best trainer's I've worked with throughout my involvement with dogs.  As an As an AKC Rally and Obedience judge, I can say with confidence that Suzanne helps people not only live happily with their dogs at home, but she also gets them ready for the sport of competitive obedience if that is a goal.   Suzanne has an innate ability to "read" dogs.  Her training is not one size fits all.  She accesses the dogs individually and customizes a specialized approach for each dog and handler team.  Suzanne is warm, smart and humorous.  Her classes are not only valuable, but they are fun too!  I highly recommend Suzanne especially as a problem solver and as an all around quality instructor.       

 Nancy Maguire   About a year ago I was desperate to find a trainer for my very anxious German Shepherd puppy. After scouring the yellow pages, I came upon your listing and a footnote by Suzanne Taurone. She explained the background she had in dealing with her own anxious Shepherd. Suzanne has been working with my Shepherd since then and the transformation is unbelievable! Suzanne has not only trained Fritzi, she has trained me! She is firm but fair and provides tremendous insight to understanding what makes a dog tick. She is generously helpful and patient with pooch and parent. Her classes are structured but relaxed. One year ago, I was embarrassed to walk down the street with my dog. Now I can relax and enjoy a well trained companion. I can't thank Suzanne enough for getting a very difficult situation under control and encourage anyone struggling with an anxious pooch to reach out to Suzanne.  

    Ginny Sandoval Suzanne Taurone is a top notch trainer!  She quickly assess your personalities, your style of learning, and works with both the canine and the handler, she makes it a co-effort.  She stays current in her field and in my thought, uses the preferred method of training;  Positive Reinforcement techniques. Her style of training is effective and lasting. Salvatore', my long haired Chihuahua, my best buddy, and a Certified Therapy Dog thanks to Suzanne.  We would not have accomplished all that we have nor be where we are today if it hadn't been for her training.  She comes highly recommended.  She is like a family member to us!   Many thanks!    

Suzanne's Dog Training came highly recommended to me by my breeder and we are grateful for both of them. We currently had our puppy enrolled in a local puppy training school for 3 months and even though we didn't agree that their training tactics, we kept her in it for socialization. Once the class was over we decided to give Suzanne's Dog Training a try. Even though they were about 5 hours away, it was WELL worth it and I will do it again. We did the 2 week board and train program. Suzanne kept us informed of her progress as well as ensured us that our puppy was in great hands by sending us pictures and videos of her training and playing. When we went to pick her up she was a totally different dog. She had learned more in the 2 weeks with Suzanne, than she had learned in 3 months with the other school.  Suzanne's Dog Training has a customer for life and I will always recommend them.